Alipotec Raiz de Tejocote Root 100% Pure Root Pieces 90 Day Supply


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Alipotec Pure Tejocote Root supplement is one of the most popular all-natural and effective Weight loss products from Mexico and now in the United States. This supplement contains 90 microdosis for a 3 Month supply of Alipotec to help your weight control efforts. Direct from Alipotec in the new USA presentation with the Logo on the side and bottom this is one of the safest an completely natural ways to help with weight loss. ★Please follow all recommendations to get the best results and avoid minor aches and pains. Always Use AFTER Food ✔ Take 1 piece of Alipotec after breakfast or lunch with plenty of water. Do not take on an empty stomach. ✔We recommend you use Eau Kalin or KPlentish Potassium supplement in the afternoon or after taking Alipotec. Use them both together every day to avoid any muscle aches and pains. Eat potassium rich food during the day even with the KPlentish. Remember the first 2 weeks are a Detox Phase and you might go to the bathroom more often. ==ESPANOL== Alipotec Raiz de Tejocote Pura el Suplemento #1 de Perdida de Peso 100% Natural para 90 Dias de Uso. Cada botella contiene 90 microdosis de la Raiz de Tejocote Pura para 3 meses de uso. Pierde peso y tallas naturalmente con Ailpotec. Ahora una botella mas segura con el Logo al lado y abajo de la botella. ★ Por favor sigue las instruciones y Nunca tomes Alipotec en Ayunas! ✔ Primero toma 1 Microdosis de Alipotec despues del desayuno o la comida (Nunca en ayunas). ✔ Recomendamos que uses Eau Kalin o KPLentish suplemento de potasio para mejores

  • ✔ ALIPOTEC TEJOCOTE ROOT : For Weight Control Pure Root Pieces NOT Capsule - La Raiz Pura de Tejocote en microdosis. 90 Day Supply.
  • NEW Packaging for USA: Engraved Logo on Side and Bottom of Bottle. FDA compliant Packaging with Clear Supplement Facts and Larger Font sizes.
  • ★100% Natural the AUTHENTIC ALIPOTEC - SAME ROOT - SAME PRODUCT - Same Result, New Look and Engraved Bottle.

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