Ariston Traditional Modena Balsamic Premium Vinegar Aged 500ml


  • $27.98

The Ariston Olive Oil and Balsamic Emporium is not simply an olive oil and balsamic vinegar internet sales company. We have a base retail store that has been in business for over 16 years. We are located inside The Highland Fish Market and Wine Shoppe in Louisville, KY. We offer over 13 different varieties of olive oils and balsamic vinegars from Greece and Italy. From rich tasting balsamic vinegars to the low acidity Ariston regular, organic and infused oils. Ariston products are great for cooking, used as dressings and superb for gift baskets. We invite you to explore our ever expanding products and hope you'll try Ariston and see why it is the very best.

  • Ariston Balsamic of Modena, Italy, aged up to 12 years
  • 500 ml bottle
  • This is NOT a condiment! This is a true Balsamic! Grape type: Mainly Lambrusco and Trebbiano (also Sangiovese,Ancellotta, & Montuni can be used)
  • A super premium quality balsamic vinegar that is sweet and syrupy with a very low level of pungency.

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