Country Life Maxi Hair

Country Life

  • $17.99

We at Country Life are committed to helping people and the earth we all live on. We use 100% recycled paperboard for all our packaging boxes, and 100% recycled paper for our promotional materials. Country Life is not just a name placed on someone else’s products - we manufacture 97% of our products at our production facility in Hauppauge, New York.

  • MSM FOR HAIR GROWTH - Thinning, rough hair, and brittle, weak nails can be directly due to lack of organic sulfur (MSM) in the body which also leads to keratin deficiency, which provides the base building blocks and structure of hair.
  • VITAMIN A FOR SKIN - stimulates fibroblaststhe cells responsible for developing tissue that keeps skin firm and healthyin the deep layers of your skin. Deficiency can lead to weakened skin causing dryness to wounds that heal more slowly.
  • HORSETAIL EXTRACT - Horsetail vitamins for hair growths principal ingredient is the mineral silica, or silicon, which strengthens hair strands, as well as nails and bones.
  • BIOTIN HAIR GROWTH EFFECTS- Added to nourish thinning hair and help promote hair growth. Keratin, which is a type of protein, is built from amino acids, which are formed as a result of the reaction of cell enzymes and biotin.
  • COUNTRY LIFE CONSISTENCY - Our manufacturing plant is NSF-GMP certified to ensure the best, with quality inspection at each stage to ensure our products remain uniform from batch to batch so you know it works the same each dose, but as we use natural ingredients, color variations may exist from batch to batch.


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