Edge Again Manual Player Blade Ice Skate Sharpener

Edge Again Manual Player Blade Ice Skate Sharpener


  • $39.99

Using EDGE AGAIN™ is simple and easy and with a little practice you can fix a player's blade just like a NASCAR pit crew on a Sunday afternoon pit stop!!! EDGE AGAIN™ self aligns onto the blade allowing it to fix both inside and outside edges at the same time in seconds. Massage over the damaged edge until EDGE AGAIN™ micro files all 4 sided to restore 2 sharp edges. Tusks last up to 20 pair of skates depending on severity of blade's trauma. Easy snap in and out technology makes it a breeze to change with your fingertips. EDGE AGAIN Manual is a non-motorized version of the powered EDGE AGAIN unit. It uses the exact same diamond coated "Tusk" as it's big brother. EDGE AGAIN's technology does not affect the blade's hollow or radius. It self aligns on the skate blade and automatically sharpens all four sides at once to repair both inner and outer edges. Edge Again is being used by NHL players, many professional and amateur organizations, helping maintain and keep edges sharp.

  • Maintains and keeps edges sharp
  • 3-10 seconds needed to restore a damaged skate blade
  • No need to take off the skate
  • Restores all 2 edges
  • Doesn't affect the blade's hollow or radius

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