GoldenPaste - Curcumin + Turmeric for Joint Pain Relief


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GoldenPaste is a proprietary blend of six Ayurvedic (Indian system of life) herbs and spices including turmeric, ginger root, amalaki, ashwagandha, brahmi, and holy basil combined with the purest form of coconut oil and coconut butter available.

The anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories found in GoldenPaste are time honored herbs used in many cultures for centuries as a general health tonic. GoldenPaste makes excellent GoldenMilk. Many cultures use herbs in the process of meal preparation to aid digestion and reduce inflammation caused by normal eating conditions.

Our coconut oil retains all the amino spectrum of natural coconuts.

My personal journey into herbs infused into oils began while I lived in Bali, Indonesia. The local priests working with ancient text called ‘Lontars’ prepared various herbal combinations and steeped them in coconut oil for several days. These preparations are still used by local Balinese healer priests who create the Balinese Ayurvedic recipes.

I made some of the paste and I shared it with some friends who also benefited from using it daily in their foods. We make a very simple and effective product. No sugars, no artificial anything. All of our products are produced in our own kitchen. We still hand craft each jar of GoldenPaste.

GoldenPaste makes great substitute for butter in baking recipes as well. Just add it instead of butter to brownies or cookies. It is also delicious with porridge and even directly into morning coffee. My favorite is warm Coconut milk with a little honey. WE DO NOT ADD SWEETNERS please understand that you must sweeten to your own taste. Also the base is Coconut Oil, it needs warmth to dissolve into foods.