Innovative Haus Waterproof Disposable Boot & Shoe Covers XL 100-Pack Blue


  • $25.99

PREMIUM & INDUSTRIAL GRADE WATERPROOF DISPOSABLE SHOE COVERS-100 shoe covers, 50 pairs THICKER THAN OUR COMPETITORS - Our shoe covers are stronger and also more comfortable and breathable when compared to our competitors. Polyethylene is 5 mil in thickness which is thicker than most of the competitors, who only uses 3-4 mil with their shoe covers. POPULAR IN DEMAND - Many realtors, painters, cable guy, parties, retail stores, medical offices, electricians, HVAC guys, and carpenter love our shoe covers!. Keep your floors clean and spotless with high our high-quality boot covers. Use them while traveling and pack your shoes with our covers to prevent them from contaminating your clean clothes! ANTI-SLIP PROTECTION -Our boot covers come with textured tread on the soles to prevent slips. These are waterproof and can withstand light moisture. TECHNICAL INFO -100% Latex-Free -Fits up to size 14 US Men's Shoes and up to US Men's Boot Size 13-Easy to put on and easier to take off with the use of industrial-grade elastic band for flexibility -100 shoe covers, 50 pairs of non-slip blue shoe covers ATTENTION: - If your shoe size is bigger than US Men’s 14, these shoe covers WILL NOT FIT!- Don't wear them on rough surfaces. They will tear. If you have to use them on rough surfaces, it is suggested you double up to prolong the life of the covers. However, they will still tear faster than using them on smooth surfaces.

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