Klever Kutter Recessed Blade (10 - Pack, Blue)

Klever Kutter Recessed Blade (10 - Pack, Blue)


  • $20.90

So many times box cutters can cause accidental injuries and damage the contents of a box or package. The Klever Kutter is a top choice from small business to large Fortune 500 companies for reducing injuries and damaged product. You can also use this safe box cutter at home when opening packages and boxes. Since the Klever Kutter has a dual head when the one side gets dull simply flip it over and use the other. One of the other key benefits of the Klever Kutter safety box cutter is that when both blades are dull simple discard and use another. This eliminates the need to have loose razor blades laying around the workplace or your house. The less you have to handle a razor blade, the less chance you have for injury.

  • Recessed Blade Prevents Contact With Fingers, Eliminating Costly Injuries
  • Recessed Blade Prevents Contact With Contents, Eliminating Expensive Product Damage
  • Excellent For Box Cutting, Packing Tape, Shipping Tape, Carton Cutter, Shrink Wrap Cutter, Film Cutter, Stretch Wrap Cutter, Plastic Strapping/Banding, Bubble Wrap Cutter, Twine Cutter, Moving Boxes, Cardboard Cutter, Industrial Grade 

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