Medium Kitchen Wastebasket Liners Clear Garbage Bags 10 Gallon, 100pcs


  • $11.99

Innovative Haus' 10 Gallon Plastic Trash Bags. They are 24" x 24" and are 6mic in thickness, fitting most 10-gallon trash can liners. These bags are clear in color and are easy to use with everyday lightweight trash. The trash bags are economical and convenient to use throughout your home, office, car, or to pick up your dog waste. Made with pure PE, the bags do not smell and is essentially leak proof. Packing: 10GAL / Clear Trash Bags / Packed in 2 rolls/ 50 count

  • 10 Gallon Plastic Trash Bags: 10-gallon bags fit most medium size trash cans, making it easy to use, meeting the needs of handling daily bathroom and household garbage. Economical and Convenient. Perfect for use in your kitchen, car, office, bathroom, bedroom, collecting baby diaper waste, or picking up dog waste.
  • No Smell: Pure PE material. Environment-friendly trash bags. Bags do not smell.
  • Ease of Use: The bags are easily separated using perforations.
  • Leak Proof: Bag is essentially leak proof.
  • Strong: Extra strong 6 mic thickness bags to hold lightweight garbage. No More Tear and leak. The garbage bags prevent rip and tear with unique design to handle lightweight loads.