Medley Hills Farm Cereal Marshmallows 1 lb


  • $10.99

Welcome to our Medley Hills Farm products! From baking supplies to confectionary favorites, our company supplies our customers with the best that can be offered. As a family owned and operated online business for over a decade, we give our customers great quality products with your satisfaction in mind. Bringing you goods at an affordable price, in bulk, for families all over to enjoy. We aim everyday to continue to improve and meet the needs of our growing customer base. This company is committed to giving you great products and the satisfaction you all deserve.
  • 1 lb in sealed / resealable Bag.
  • Refrigerate after opening if you prefer a crunchy marshmallow.
  • Their bright colors and small size make it fun to add to any special baked treat, whether mixed in or added as a topping.
  • These colorful dehydrated marshmallows make a great addition to any variety of products. They can easily be added to a bowl of cereal or a steaming mug of hot chocolate.

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