Wool Wax Creme Skin Care Formula 9 Ounce (Fragrance-Free)

Wool Wax Creme Skin Care Formula 9 Ounce (Fragrance-Free)

Marcha Labs

  • $10.73

Wool Wax Creme Skin Care Formula 9 Oz AT-10: This lanolin-based Moisturizing Lotion heals cracked skin and protects from dryness. The clean smell and fast absorption make this a great lotion for guys, too! This amazing Bath & Body product is Montana made by Marcha Labs and is one of our best selling Bath & Body products. This famous Moisturizing Lotion was first created as a protective cream for a nuclear division of a contracting company, but it has grown in popularity through one pure fact: it really works! This Moisturizing Lotion will certainly satisfy cracked fingers as well as dry hands and elbows! Wool Wax Creme is a lightly scented skin care product that leaves the skin dry to the touch without that "oily skin" feeling. Wool Wax Creme helps to counteract chapping, roughness, cracking and dry skin problems. Wool Wax Creme is a lanolin based product. Lanolin is a naturally produced by-product of wool. It gets its name from an old sheepshearer's term. Because of the waxy appearance of lanolin, sheepshearers called it "wool wax". Besides lanolin, Wool Wax Creme contains emollients and emulsifying agents.

  • Helps counteract chapping, roughness and dry skin.
  • Keeps skin lovelier, softer and smoother.
  • No unpleasant greasy or sticky after-feeling.
  • 9 oz. container.
  • Contains Lanolin from sheep wool.

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